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For a decade now, Anupama Bio Naturals Pvt. Ltd. has been the prime manufacturer of a premium range of herbal cosmetics products with their brand "Arish" for your overall beauty needs. It is one of the few brands which blend traditional, authentic herbs with modern scientific techniques that give you healthy beauty.

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ARISH PEARL FACIAL KIT Rs. 427.00(30 ml)
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Arish Rose Face Toner Rs. 184.00(100 ML)
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Arish Saffron Body Oil Rs. 297.00(100 ML)
Rs. 495.00(200 ML)
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Arish Baby Pro Body Lotion Rs. 247.00(200 ML)
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Satin Care Shampoo Rs. 247.00(200 ml)
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Tea Tree Cleanser Toner Rs. 178.00(100 ml)
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Tan Care Rs. 0.00(0 0)


Quality and effectiveness of Arish Bio Naturals products have made it a popular brand in the market and that evidently reflects through the over whelming response we receive from the media releases. Being West Bengal’s number one beauty brand, we are continually trying to provide fruitful information and help people correct their essential beauty regime with all natural Ayurvedic products.

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Arish Hair Plus Premium is amazing, I am totally satisfied with its result as it matches with my hair quality and gines me the result which is amazing.
I am using all the products... Amazing products...Thanks to Arish!!
Arish products are really good but hope the price a little bit reduced some time or may discount available out there :)
It really works wonder. Out of innumerable unproper claim by many brands in the market I finally tried Arish Hair Plus Premium with not much hope but I am amazed to found that it really works wonder and gave me a new lease of youthliveliness and joy.
Arish Hair Plus Premium is amazing, I am totally satisfied with its result as it matches with its promise, I must say that its best and i would like to recommend others who are suffering from hair loss to try Arish product.
After using Arish produts i would like to say that I was surprised to see its immediate result within weeks.
Its Unbelievable.