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About Us

For a decade now, Anupama Bio Naturals Pvt. Ltd. has been the prime manufacturer of a premium range of herbal cosmetics products with their brand "Arish" for your overall beauty needs. It is one of the few brands which blend traditional, authentic herbs with modern scientific techniques that give you healthy beauty.
Professional aroma therapist Ratnendu Bikash Tripathi and his wife Anupama Tripathi invented a hair tonic made from plants, which enhances hair growth and prevents baldness – Arish Hair Plus Premium. This exceptional product was granted the patent in the year 2008 by the Government of India. It is after this sensational discovery Anupama Tripathi and Ratnendu Bikash Tripathi formed Anupama Ayurvedic Drug Co. Pvt. Ltd. which is now Anupama Bio Naturals Pvt. Ltd. and promoted "Arish", as their esteemed brand. 'CRO' (Clinical Research Organization) of Jadavpur University has thoroughly examined Arish Hair Plus Premium based on a number of pharmacological and toxicological experiments. This Herbal hair product can also reduce stress to an exorbitant level.
Their research in Herbal beauty medicines further resulted in the first ever range of Herbal water-based serums which has active Herbal ingredients manifold effective on beauty problems. The water for the base is specially tested in microbes labs in demineralization plants through conductivity and U.V. testing for the purest form of water. They also invented the Liquid Sindoor (prevents contact dermatitis) and Herbal Foundation, which takes care of the skin and gives it a healthy glow.
Anupama Bio Naturals Pvt. Ltd. will be soon launching more beauty treatment products and are already revolutionizing overall beauty enhancement in a Natural way. Their oath is uncompromised quality to take Herbal beauty products to new heights.
Our office is based in Kolkata from where we operate.

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